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October 2015

This one-year devotional follows the TALK TO ME, JESUS books with more heart-filling words from God. In this book His words are practical and powerful, taking you to realms of glory in your every day life in  time of global turmoil. You’ll be transformed daily with His loving guidance and assurance.

November 2015

In this explosive new book Marie shows how it’s possible to know and live a lasting happy life without awful and debilitating ups and downs. Utilizing new brain research, exercises, Scripture, spiritual awareness and prayer, she proves that it’s our rightful inheritance to be happy, and HOW TO BE HAPPY IN AN UNHAPPY WORLD gives us the tools and the loving guidance to get there.

In this beautiful little devotional, Jesus speaks directly to you from His great heart of love, and there is space for you to respond to Him, as well. Marie has added Scripture verses for additional study if you choose. Extremely personal and intimate, this book is ideal for your daily time with the Lord, and one you’ll keep for a lifetime. It’s the perfect gift at any time of the year.

In this one-year devotional, Jesus speaks words to you that will pierce into every region of your life with the tender love of all eternity. Through these daily readings, the compassionate words of Jesus will flood over you with new life. His loving  voice, true and certain, speaks directly to you.

The Complete Works

Create A Beautiful Life;  Enter His Room Here…

You deserve a beautiful, happy and fulfilling life. God has opened up doors into rooms of wondrous relief, revelation and restoration just for you. Join me for a few quiet moments of meditation and hear Him speak directly to you …

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IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #10. “What’s wrong with you?”

I had a patient tell me that his mother hotly demanded this of him this so often he began to believe there really was something deeply wrong with him. It took years for him to work through the misbelief that he was somehow inherently mentally and emotionally impaired. I suggest you never use this statement. It’s a demeaning and demoralizing accusation, not a question. Instead you might say, “Tell me what’s going on in you right now.” “How can I make things better?” We all make mistakes and act like […]

IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #9. “Well, at least I never – “

You never? Uh huh. This phrase is a way to shift attention from yourself, your foibles and faults by pointing out the mistake(s) of someone else. When you appraise the sin levels of others you’re only making a selfish attempt to feel better about yourself. It smacks of pride. Instead, the beautiful words, “I’m sorry” will go a long way. Before moralizing and boasting, it’s far better to listen and show compassion.

I could have added more to this list – but I thought these ten were enough to chew on […]

IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #8. “It’s up to you.” or “Whatever you want.”

These are comments of indifference. It’s like saying you could care less. Instead you might ask some thought-provoking questions like, “What is most important to you in this situation?” “How would such-and-such decision make a difference in your life?” Ask questions to make the people probe themselves. This shows in a caring way that the solutions to their questions are within them.

I could have added more to this list – but I thought these ten were enough to chew on for now. I ask myself how many times do I […]

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