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You deserve a beautiful, happy and fulfilling life. God has opened up doors into rooms of wondrous relief, revelation and restoration just for you. Join me for a few quiet moments of meditation and hear Him speak directly to you …

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Beautiful Gratitude

Amazing, isn’t it?– how we can come to a day of Thanksgiving with more trepidation that enthusiasm? I teach in a college where my students speak of Thanksgiving as an obligatory drudgery. And today I talked to Christians who are worried and stress-ridden about sharing the day with non-believers. OhOh, Beloved, when do we get to be happy? When do we get to have fun? When do we get to lay down the burdens of wrestling with a negative world?

Something has happened to me since I was in the Chicago and Wisconsin area a few weeks ago ministering-it’s a sort […]

What is Beauty?

I’m smitten with the idea of beauty. Today I was leaving the gym and I had just opened the door of my car when suddenly the sweetest breeze blew over me. I was stunned. I breathed in the sweet air– it was like candy, this breeze. Cool and wonderful. I stood there, head back, hair flying, and allowed myself to simply feel the air. I may have looked kind of silly, but when I straightened up I noticed a couple of people a few cars away watching me, and then they threw their heads back, too, breathing in the air. […]

Beautiful Availability

How do you define beauty? A couple of weeks ago I had my college Creative Writing class read a piece about watching a stunt pilot fly his plane by author Annie Dillard. She wrote, “I had thought I knew my way around beauty a little bit, I knew I had devoted a good part of my life to it… ” but watching Dave Rahm’s performance in the air changed all she had known about beauty. She wrote, “Even the Boston Museum of fine Arts was never more inspiring …”

I was captivated by her sentence, “I had thought I knew my […]

Beautiful Eternity

A sweet touch of heaven is coming upon us now as you and I pause and breathe in the presence of God.

If you’ve lost loved ones who are now in heaven, as I have, join me and access a reality bigger than ourselves by breathing in the loving atmosphere of heaven. I pause for a moment and speak a word of truth such as “Perfect love casts out fear” (1John 4:18) and then I allow those words to penetrate every cell of me — I speak the words, “perfect love–” (not flimsy-flighty love, not transient love, not false or empty […]