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  • New York Times Best Selling Author
  • Pulitzer Prize Nominee
  • Certified Fitness and Life Coach
  • Vision Builder

Marie Chapian is the author of more than 30 books, translated into 17 languages. Her books, teaching materials, art, fitness classes and coaching are inspired by a passionate love for God and His people. God has given Marie a vital sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and a powerful prophetic anointing. Signs and wonders follow her ministry. As a certified life coach and fitness instructor, Marie is the founder of JC Wings of Wellness, the ministry offering Christian life coaching, health and fitness classes to restore, renew, and bring healing and wholeness to every part of our lives. Marie leads Wholly You seminars, retreats and classes to, as she says, “help bring us into a more beautiful life spirit, soul and body.” These life-changing spirit-soul-body events here and abroad are dynamic Holy Spirit empowering experiences designed to bring life-long changes and spiritual growth to each individual. Click Upcoming Events to join Marie at an upcoming event or retreat near you.

Since the publication of her first book, City Psalms (Moody Press), Marie has received many awards including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction and the National Book Award. She was awarded the Cornerstone Book of the Year Award (twice), Campus Crusade for Christ awards, the coveted Gold Medallion Book Award, Silver Angel Awards for making “outstanding moral and social impact” in all branches of the media and two Gold Book awards.

Marie has also received the Distinguished International Leadership Award for Outstanding Service in Christian Leadership and Literature. She has also won two playwriting grants from the Los Angeles Theatre Center, an AAUW Achievement grant, a Milton Center grant, a New Letters writing award, a Spoon River Award and two San Diego Book awards for Best Book of the Year.  Click Full List of Published Works and Awards.

Educated at Moody Bible Institute, the University of Minnesota, the University of California at San Diego, Vermont College, Logos Seminary, and PCCI, she holds a doctorate in Counseling and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Creative Writing and an AA in Studio Art. She is a certified Christian life Coach. Marie’s paintings are shown in galleries, art venues and  included in the 2012 book, Art and Faith. Click The Art Gallery to view select works.

My work and my passion are one and the same; writing for You

Here’s what people are saying…

“I take Marie’s Wholly You classes and it’s brought me closer to God than ever before.”

“Marie Chapian’s books have changed my life forever. I thank God for her every day!”

“Marie brought me to the Lord and now I worship Jesus on the mat and in my daily life, and I’m a totally new person. Everybody can see it. I gave up drinking, smoking, and even left my boyfriend of six years for my new life in Christ. I feel young again – and clean! It’s wonderful. Marie taught me what REAL happiness is—it’s in Christ.”

“Marie Chapian is the real thing — every prophesy she’s given me and our group has come true. She is a true prophet for today.”

“I love Marie Chapian. Period. When she comes to our church to speak we get really excited. I cling to every word. Not only did she prophesy I’d be healed, I lost twenty pounds and now my family is getting healthier too!”

“Dear Marie, I’ll never stop thanking you for what you’ve done for me. Your prophetic word to me tore me up at first, but I listened and obeyed what God spoke through you, and I’m now free from a sin that I had been hanging onto for over ten years… I am a new person, just like you said I’d be. I wake up thanking God every day! And I thank you. You saved my life.”

“Marie Chapian is my favorite author in the whole world.”

“Marie, I can’t live without your guided recorded meditations. My favorite is The Room of Favor. I listen to it every night before I go to bed. My children love the one you recorded for children, and so does my husband!”

“Marie is probably the best teacher on the planet. If you hang out with her for a day in one of her seminars, you won’t leave like you came in for sure. I laugh my head off – and then I look at my notes and realize I’ve just been shot with some powerful truth. Her prophetic ministry is always right on target – and she’ll get your body moving too! More pastors should take a lesson or two from her.”

“What my wife and I love about Marie Chapian is the love she walks in. When she prays for you it’s like getting a baptism of God’s love. You can sense that she’s really there for you and that God is working through her.”

“We saw angels around Marie as she spoke. It was beautiful.”

“Telling Yourself the Truth changed my life forever.”

“I graduated from Marie’s Spirit School where I learned how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit and now I’m living and teaching what I learned from this anointed woman of God.”

“I signed up for Marie’s on-line Prophetic Word and I can’t get over how every single time it arrives in my email, it’s like the voice of God speaking directly into my heart. Every time! It hits the exact thing I need to hear. Oh how I love this woman for helping to increase my faith.”