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IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #5 “You look great for your age.”

This is a biggie. Never, ever say this. It's saying someone of whatever age they're at are at death's door or somehow total wrecks. Using the qualifier, "for your anything" is so condescending it hurts. No one wants to be smart for a plumber, or pretty for a politician, or brilliant for a housewife, or in great shape for their age. People simply want to [...]

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IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #4 “You always … or you never.”

Nobody always or never does anything. People aren't one-dimensional, so it's not a good thing to define them by "always" and "never." These phrases are guaranteed to make someone defensive and closed off to what you want to say. Instead simply point out what the other person's behavior is a problem for you. If the frequency of the behavior is an issue, you can say, [...]

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IF I COULD SAY IT OVER AGAIN #3 “You were too good for him anyway.”

Ouch. This implies the person who has just severed a relationship, personal or business, has awful taste and made a stupid choice in the first place. Instead, make a comment like, "His loss!" This provides support and optimism without any implied criticism. I could have added more to this list – but I thought these ten were enough to chew on for now. I ask [...]

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Sounds like a compliment, I know, but it could create the impression that the person used to be really fat or unattractive. Better to say, "Wow, you look fantastic!" That way you're not commenting on how the person used to look and you're taking the past out of the picture. I could have added more to this list – but I thought these ten were [...]

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We're so intent on our own personal agendas that we're out to lunch when it comes to social awareness. I gleaned most of the following from an article by Dr. Travis Bradberry. In his company's testing of emotional intelligence of people, the most seriously lacking skill they found was social awareness. I call this lacking discretion, diplomacy, or discernment. (The lack of thoughtfulness also comes [...]

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Death & Life

This week I learned of a beautiful young woman who leapt from an interstate overpass bridge onto the concrete pavement below. Her intention was suicide -- but she didn't die. At this writings she and her shattered body are lying in pieces in a Minneapolis hospital, but she's alive. I'm dedicating this blog to her and proclaiming Ezekiel 37:5 over her:             "This is what [...]

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On Writing

Wow. I just finished writing a new book called WALK WITH ME, JESUS (release date: 11/15) It was an amazing experience for me, just like the two TALK TO ME, JESUS books have been for me to write. If you haven't gotten your copy the TALK TO ME, JESUS Journal or 365-Day devotional yet, they are books written in the voice of the Lord Himself. [...]

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Amazing new devotional by Marie Chapian is selling out fast. In this beautiful little devotional, Jesus speaks directly to you from His great heart of love, and there is space for you to respond to Him, as well. Marie has added Scripture verses for additional study if you choose. Extremely personal and intimate, this book is ideal for your daily time with the Lord, and [...]

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Soul Sailing 2015 – Caribbean Cruise, Port Canaveral FL

The Women's Winter Getaway Premier Event! Women's Networking Conference Featuring Christian Speaker, NY Times Best Selling Author, and Fitness Professional Marie Chapian, PhD. Enjoy small group training and inspirational messages by Marie! About Marie: Marie Chapian is minister, teacher and author of more than 30 books. She is a Pulitzer Prize and National Book nominee, and has won several awards for her literary and poetry [...]

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