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Wholly You Life Coaching – The Sense-ability Coach

Is it time you make some much-needed changes in your life? I can offer my one-on-one coaching to help you establish and reach your goals and put you on a life-long plan for optimum results. Each private session is aimed at targeting your dreams and goals and seeing them reached.

Whether you’re looking for inner peace, financial security, healthy relationships, career change, weight loss and exercise plan, a new life purpose or just need support with your health or daily life, my life coaching is designed to enhance your life and help you accomplish your goals.

I’ll help you set realistic goals and establish a clarity and connection within yourself and God to achieve your goals. Sometimes we get stuck and cant seem to move forward and we need a helping, loving hand to get un-stuck and thriving again. My approach is a heart centered integrative approach. I believe in my clients’ ability to reach for and attain wholeness and become all that God meant each one to be in spirit, soul and body. I honor you as an individual as well as your life journey, and I offer you a safe space to explore your inner self, creative resources and your unique life purpose to reach your full potential.


– Develop a greater clarity and ability to focus

– Prepare a plan and establish realistic goals

– Connect with your inner personal power in God

– Develop increased energy

– Create greater self awareness and inner trust

– Access your creativity

– Eliminate stress and fear

– Live with purpose

FREE CONSULTATION – For more information on Life Coaching please complete the this form and when I receive your request I’ll contact to make an appointment for your free live consultation via telephone. I look forward to hearing from you.