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Wow. I just finished writing a new book called WALK WITH ME, JESUS (release date: 11/15) It was an amazing experience for me, just like the two TALK TO ME, JESUS books have been for me to write. If you haven’t gotten your copy the TALK TO ME, JESUS Journal or 365-Day devotional yet, they are books written in the voice of the Lord Himself. I’d love to hear from you if you’re reading them each day! (I hope you are.)

Hearing the voice of God speak through the pages of these books have put me in another space entirely. Day after day, month after month sitting with His words percolating in and through me on the page has forced me to arrive at and stay in a heavenly dimension. This isn’t easy – because have you ever noticed how life happens all the time all around you? I mean, I’m busy taking dictation from God and yet there’s laundry to do, bills to pay, people with needs, dogs who need walking, kids, on and on.

So I’ve got this challenge going for myself now. It’s called bringing Heaven into daily life. For example, when I’m shopping or cleaning my house or on the phone with the telephone company, I’m challenging myself to keep Heaven in the mix. My hours alone with God listening for His voice in order to write from His heart on the pages of books is for me an ecstatic other-worldly experience, and I’m learning to bring my solitude with me in my life out in the world. What I mean is, I want to carry outside what I gain and learn on the inside. It’s an inside-out kind of thing. He fills me on the inside and I take that outside.

Easy to do when I’m on the platform ministering but if it’s like today in the super market parking lot when a bad-tempered woman nearly ran my car into a wall trying to get ahead of me for a parking spot – and yesterday when I took off from my writing to make a dental appointment and they didn’t have me down for an appointment and couldn’t squeeze me in. Ah yes, minor annoyances, right? But it’s the little foxes that spoil the vine – and it doesn’t take skill to build a bad attitude.

I read my copy of TALK TO ME, JESUS every day for a word from Him. They’re always new and fresh to me, as though I’ve never seen them before. I always feel I’m racing against time, so today’s Word was especially powerful for me. Here’s a partial reading of it for you:


There are no missing fragments or holes in time when you’re Mine.

All is perfect in my timing.

There are no secondhand promises in my kingdom,

no expired guarantees.

There is no down-sizing in heaven economy,

no lay off or walking papers ––

There’s never a lull in activity;

never is a single moment loss. . .

Think of yourself in terms of the immortal clock,

one that never reads “too late. . .”


See you next time –

Jesus kiss your nose,



Excerpt from Talk to Me, Jesus, the 365-day Devotional, Broadstreet Publishers, 2015, p. 138

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