• Here is a fabulous journey into the supernatural presented with wisdom and biblical authority to take you deeper inside your faith, and guide you into living with more spiritual muscle in these changing times. Recorded in a small group setting, you'll learn strategies for hearing God's mind and heart, and how to prevail in His image and realm, including a word of healing.
  • Guided Meditation

    This beautiful meditation by Marie takes you further into glorious awareness of the love and divine calling of God on your life. People's lives are being transported to new heights of intimacy with the Lord through this anointed meditation series. You will find yourself wonderfully lifted into the Presence of God, and in that place, you'll discover His favor for you as never before. Soundly biblically based, THE ROOM OF PROSPERITY will encourage and flood you with a deeper knowledge of your rightful place in the Kingdom of God. This anointed faith-building CD is for all ages.

  • In this 4-CD teaching set, you will learn easy-to-follow instruction and guidance in how to interpret you dreams and the dreams of others using proven biblical strategies and time-tested methods. Dream Interpretation Workbook: $10.00

    Do you know the authority you possess as a child of God? Are you aware of the power you wield? This teaching will show you how to step into the presence of God and pull from Him your divine birthright's benefits as in Psalm 103. This teaching will show you how to appropriate far more benefits in the Word of God than David lists in Psalm 103. You must know them all so you can enter the court room of God and present your case before Him and all the heavenly host, knowing you have every right to claim your inheritance, your Kingdom promises. This timeless teaching will show you how valuable you are to the Kingdom of God; how to know your rights as a child of God, how to know His ways of overcoming, and how to rise above the level of your trial. This last point is critical in your walk with the Lord in today's spiritual climate.
  • This powerful, eye-opening, mind-blowing teaching by Marie opens up the mysteries of nuclear physics in God's universe and shows us how we fit in with God's perfect scheme. Your faith will explode as you learn about the power of sound, color and the meaning and even the value of time. Artist: Ferdinand Hodler
  • This powerful teaching includes learning your identity in the Lord and how you will touch and change the world through reaching out in prophetic evangelism, street ministry and every day life. Learn seven Gifts that are yours, how to talk like a real person and the power of Blessing. This is a "must" teaching for reaching out to help and bless others.