Do you know the authority you possess as a child of God? Are you aware of the power you wield? This teaching will show you how to step into the presence of God and pull from Him your divine birthright's benefits as in Psalm 103. This teaching will show you how to appropriate far more benefits in the Word of God than David lists in Psalm 103. You must know them all so you can enter the court room of God and present your case before Him and all the heavenly host, knowing you have every right to claim your inheritance, your Kingdom promises. This timeless teaching will show you how valuable you are to the Kingdom of God; how to know your rights as a child of God, how to know His ways of overcoming, and how to rise above the level of your trial. This last point is critical in your walk with the Lord in today's spiritual climate.
  • This break-through CD will help children of all ages (and even adults) to move into the powerful reality of the loving Presence of God in their lives. The mellow, soothing voice of Marie Chapian with music background presents the words of the Lord to encourage, strengthen and build up all who listen. Some comments have been, "If only I had this in my life when I was a kid."