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I Love You Like a Tomato (Forge Books, July, 2003) Pulitzer Prize and National Book Prize nominated

An Ordinary Day in Heaven (to come)

Born Blu (to come)

Christian Living:

Telling Yourself the Truth with William Backus, Ph.D. (Bethany House) Gold Book winner

Love and Be Loved (Fleming Revell)

Why Do I Do What I Don’t Want To Do? with William Backus, Ph.D,  (Bethany House)

Growing Closer (Fleming Revell) retitled

Close Friendships: Making Them, Keeping Them (Fleming Revell)

Mothers and Daughters (Bethany House)

Staying Happy In An Unhappy World (Fleming Revell and Bantam)


Talk To Me, Jesus (Broadstreet) 2015

Heart for God – Series of five books of Biblical poetry (Bethany House)

His thoughts toward Me

            His Gifts To Me

            Discovering Joy

            Making His Heart Glad

            The Secret Place of Strength

A Confident, Dynamic You   (Servant Publications)

God’s Heart For You (Bethany House) October 2005

Angels in Our Lives   (Destiny Image) 2006

God in the Mirror with Miles McPherson (Baker) 2012

Children’s Books:

Mustard Seed Library: Three Illustrated Books for Young Readers (Creation House)

Slimming Down and Growing Up   A book on healthy eating for children based on the Free to Be Thin Plan. (Bethany House)

Alula–Belle ButtonTop Paint Brush Soft Shoe Pucheeni Magrew: Books for young readers with illustrations by the author. (Bethany House)

2006: Harold and I, an Incredible Journey Consisting of Supernatural Events

illustrations by the author (Destiny Image)

Books for Teens:

Am I the Only One Here With Faded Genes?  (Bethany House)  Gold Medallion winner

Feeling Small, Walking Tall (Bethany House)


The Emancipation of Robert Sadler (Successful Living) retitled

Help Me Remember, Help Me Forget (Bethany House; Successful Living)

In the Morning of My Life /Tom Netherton (Tyndale House)

Of Whom the World Was Not Worthy /Yugoslav WW2 story (Bethany House)

Escape From Rage /pastor of Jesus People movement story (Bridge Publishers)

Forgive Me /Cathy Crowell Webb (Fleming Revell; Berkeley Publishers)

Back On Course /Gavin MacLeod (Fleming Revell)

The Other side of Suffering with John Ramsey(Faithworks) 2012

The Emancipation of Robert Sadler (reprint) 2012

Health and Fitness:

Free to Be Thin (Bethany House)

The All New Free to Be Thin (Bethany House)

There’s More to Being Thin Than Being Thin (Bethany House)

Fun to Be Fit Photo–Illustrated Workout & Health Plan (Fleming Revell)

Fun To Be Fit Video 60–Minute Workout with the author (Video Associates, Bridgestone Productions )

Understanding Yourself –Featured column: Total Health Magazine

 POETRY: (Books)

City Psalms (Moody Press)

Mind Things (Creation House)

To My Friend Books: Illustrated series of l2 gift books (Successful Living)

Slow Dance on Stilts (La Jolla Poets Press)


Partial listing: The Gold Medallion (EPA); The Gold Book Award from ECPA; the Cornerstone Book of the Year Award, Campus Life; three Angel awards for Excellence in the Media; the Chicago Book of the Year Award; Ray Bradbury award for poetry from California State University Writer’s Conference; a nomination for the Ten Most Outstanding Young Women of America award, and invitations into Who’s Who in America andWho’s Who of American Women. The National Writers Union award; the California State Poetry Society Awards; recipient of AAUW Educational Foundation grant (1995–96), New Letters Literary Award; Spoon River Anthology Award; two grants in 1997 from Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Dept. Playwriting Development Program at Los Angeles Theatre Centre; Writer’s Residency Grant, Vermont Studio Center (l998); Milton Center, Glen Eyrie Writer’s Grant (1998); Potato Eyes Foundation Poetry Award short list (2000), San Diego Book Award 200l, 2002 Best Book of Year, Award of Excellence in Poetry, National Book Award nomination 2004; Pulitzer Prize nomination 2004, Pushcart Prize 2005. Sons of Italy National Book Club winner, 2006 (“I Love You Like a Tomato”) and Book Sense Pick.