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What is Beauty?

I’m smitten with the idea of beauty. Today I was leaving the gym and I had just opened the door of my car when suddenly the sweetest breeze blew over me. I was stunned. I breathed in the sweet air– it was like candy, this breeze. Cool and wonderful. I stood there, head back, hair flying, and allowed myself to simply feel the air. I may have looked kind of silly, but when I straightened up I noticed a couple of people a few cars away watching me, and then they threw their heads back, too, breathing in the air. I’m telling you, this breeze was so delicious, it was like being kissed all over by God. To me it’s not the big things in life that thrill me as much as the small moments of beauty– rare and wondrous, a simple breeze after a hard workout– a kiss from God.

What are your moments of beauty?

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